Thursday, June 01, 2006

I saw Jesus in the headlights

Well. It seems even with the best of intentions, I am not the most regular or frequent blogger. I guess I'm still absorbing the fact I'm engaged and no longer living alone. All very good stuff. While I've been absorbing though, Allison has posted several more blogs and by doing so reminding me life just like time is marching on.

While things have been crazy (and by that I mean crazy busy ...not requiring thorazine) several gigs with Thomas at Borders and more recently as the guitarist in Keeley's which by the way was a fun show and great experience for me. So I don't really have an excuse.

I was thinking about saying I haven't had time, but that's not true. It's just that I have chosen not to. You see while I'm watching that movie, or reading that novel or whatever in the few hours I have to put my feet up, I could have chosen to blog. But did not. And here the kicker. It's cause it takes effort. But when I do write in here it is fun. Same as going to the gym. You never regret having been to the gym do you(unless you injur yourself, see and ex or have the runs). I'm severerly getting off track.

It's all ok though as I've seen Jesus in the headlights. I don't know how popular this is, but a van (sort of Mystery Machine like wagon...not sure of the offical American English name for those) had either special headlights or perhaps special transfers attached to the main lights of the vehicle.

Perhaps they pull up next to large walls and project the image of Our Lord onto it?

Is it from folks taking the Lord's name in vein when the owner of this vehicle drives around with his or her brights on?
I'm not sure. But it seems the little fish (Icthus) sign on the back of cars is out.....and Jesus Headlights are in (yeah, notice the capital H in the headlights there). Perhaps this is what happens when you follow Carrie Underwood's advice and ask Jesus to take the wheel?

I was going to say 'whatever next?' but that makes me sound twice my age. Hmm

Monday, April 03, 2006

Commitment Fever

Well would you look at that!
It seems I've caught commitment fever. Not only did I fall head-over-heels in love with Allison, I decided to make a commitment to marry the lovely lass. Not to mention ask her and her feline companion Gus to move in.

What an exciting time for us both. Rather than repeat the entire story here, please see Allison's blog (posted Friday, March 17, 2006) for the full juicy low-down.

Bonus is that I'll get to use her excellent Martin guitar almost whenever I jolly-well please. Seems like a win-win situation to me.

Seriously I'm one very happy and lucky man!!

I had so many people help me plan this from temporary tattoo stencil designers in California to Allison's boss. Seems the world colluded with me to make this happen. Hoorah for us I say. :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shock and Awe at the Mercury Theatre

I'm talking about the 'Hit Factory, Songs of the Brill Building' show starring Foiled Again and the writing of Rob Lindley that took place Monday 20th Feb 06 at the Mercury Theater in Chicago.

Don't discount me as the totally biased boyfriend of one of the singers/ key vocal arranger of the group Foiled Again.
I saw a show on Monday that had my head bobbing and my foot tapping, my mouth smiling and laughing and me being enthralled by the story of the Brill Building in it's heyday. Told through the eyes of the Narrator,really the writer and co-star Rob Lindley's experience of hearing the music growing up, and doing investigation based on genuine passion for what went on and the output of the Brill Building.

I loved it. From John Francisco's enthusiastic and believable narration style, to the excellent set of musicians on the stage, led by masterly musical direction from the splendid Mr Doug Peck. Interjected with mini scenes of suposedly true interactions of the Brill Building songwriters and Foiled Again's own unique brand of humor (that you really have to see to appreciate!) this was a fun filled ride for music lovers everywhere.

I have to mention the marvellous trio of Rob Lindley, Anne Sheridan Smith and Allison Bazarko. They work so well together it's scary. Their harmonies blend, bend, twist, syncopate and conflagrate in a way that had the hair on the back of my neck standing up several times. Their sense of fun and enthusiasm pours out of them in a mesmerising fashion. Sometimes stunning, sometimes funny, occasionally heart wrenching....but always brilliant. (I would say that I'm a bloody brit!)

Having said all that, it has all the elements of a classic, and yet the show still did not flow seamlessley, sometimes I wasn't clear on the link between the narration and the songs, (other times it was really obvious and worked well). I wasn't quite sure where the mini scenes of the 'songwriters' fit into the overall picture. I've seen Foiled Again perform on several other occasions, part of the magic is the interaction between the performers, sometimes improv-like and sometime loosely scripted, always magical. There were moments of that but slightly less than a ususal show. I miss that, but realize the need to have the show written in a more formal manner to be able to hand over a fully working machine.

I hope with all the feedback, some backing and a tweek here and there the show will get picked up and poished and launched to superstardom, along with the cast, writers, performers, musical and stage directors, producers and arrangers. If nothing more than to be able to share in the royalies so I can get a rug for in front of my fire place.

Before signing off I need to mention the brilliant singing that leaves me never wanting to croak out a note again. Rob, Anne and Allison all have unique voices that are to die for, Ann brings heated passion and puts her actors body and soul into it, Allison is just so darned versatile and brilliant with stunning power and control and Rob always dazzles with rip roaring power, great dynamics that sometimes make me want to cry...(me, a straight guy!).

That's my two pence (cents), maybe I stretched it to 3. Good luck to 'em! They deserve success.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The cold/ warm, warm/cold conundrum.

I'm no ecowarrior. I talk a bit of a good game, but not really a warrior on this front.

Rant alert, beware!

OK. So it's the middle of winter, right. Hovering around 20 to 35 degrees F outside . My office stays at a constant 80F, why is that?! I've basically tried to move heaven and earth to have it changed. Apparently people on my corridor are affected. As far as I can tell the recommeded human comfort zone is around 70F + or minus a couple of degrees. My dig thermometer shows nearly 25 deg C (about 80F). I'm bloody hot basically for 9+ hours a day. people are wearing sweaters indoors, in this 80F temp. Cue Patsy Cline...

So lets fast forward 6 months. It's blastingly hot outside. say about 85F, phew a scorcher. So it will be about 60 degrees in here with the air conditioning (that can't be adjusted or it will affect others in my corridor). Bloody freezing. People are wearing short sleves in here and we're all freezing.

Either way it's darned inefficient. I think we could do our own part to cut down on this oil dependency. starting with things like that. Nuff said? I'm off to drive my 2.0l car home.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One of those Furrys?

I never thought I'd be shopping for furniture. Let alone shopping for furniture and posing as some kind of wild animal. Then I thought about that select group of folks that call themselves (or do they?) 'Furrys' who do that sort of thing for kicks. I mean kicks in it's broadest sense.

I'm not one of those, at least I don't think so. Never been in a full animal suit so I can never say never. But it's just got to be plain hot and itchy. I'm now wondering what kind of an animal I would be...surely human sized beavers have all the fun. ?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Officially one of those loons

Yup I now qualify as one of those babbling wierdos who look like they are talking to themselves. I always thought these gadgets were for posers. But actually are quite handy. I often wonder if folks pretend to be talking on the cell phone so they don't appear to be as lonely as they feel.

Ever taken a cab these days where the driver is not on a cell phone jabbering in a language with no vowels? I blame those darn bluetooth headsets and unlimited talk minutes.

Enough, I have a shop to run.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Je Suis Arrive!

Yes, I have arrived. Not sure where, but here I am.
This is the start of something huge of course. (all relative I know).